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About Us

Company Profile

Peter Binny Surveys (PBS)  are a Tasmanian company (est. 1989) who provide land surveying and engineering surveying services.


Russell Smith is owner and director at PBS and leads a team with more than 80 years of combined experience in the surveying and spatial sciences sector. 


Please see our key personnel listed below. 

Russell Smith


Russell has been the owner at PBS since 2015. Russell has a broad experience base spanning the land surveying and engineering surveying sectors. Previous roles include provision of engineering and land surveying services in Tasmania, New South Wales and undertaking surveying subcontract roles for engineering, construction, oil and gas projects in Queensland. 

Michael Walsh


Michael is a registered land surveyor with a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Project Management. He has worked professionally in the UK and Tasmania and is knowledgeable in the full spatial data lifecycle from design to field capture and the office environment. Michael utilises his GIS and CAD skillsets to tailor deliverables to suit clients needs.

Peter Binny


Peter has 50 years' professional experience in the surveying industry and has held roles in state government and as a consultant. Peter worked with the Land and Surveys Department in Tasmania for 20 years before establishing Peter Binny Surveys in 1989. Peter brings a wealth of surveying experience to the business and provides high level advice for areas including subdivisions, strata titles and development management. 

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